Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, abbreviated as BUET, is a prestigious institutions for higher studies in Bangladesh. About 10,000 students are pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate studies in the field of engineering, architecture, planning and science. At present, BUET has sixteen teaching departments under five faculties; four institutes and three centres to carry out teaching/research activites and offer professional services. Annually, the intake of undergraduate and graduate (Masters and Ph.D.) students are around 1030 and about 1000 respectively. Like departments, some of the institutes also conduct post-graduate programs. Till today, it has awarded about 30,000 Bachelor degrees in different branches of engineering, architecture and Urban and Regional Planning. As a pioneer institute, BUET always gives more emphasis on Post-graduate studies and research. It has contributed a lot in the national development. BUET has awarded more than 110 Ph.D. and 7000 Masters degrees in different disciplines. Our graduates have established a good reputation all over the world and excelled in both research and professional works.

In September 2015, BUET has established the institute of Nuclear Power Engineering (INPE)-BUET Syndicate Resolution under UGC approval vide UGC/Admn./Pub. Univ./114/75(Part-2)/6102 dated 16/09/2015- with view to supporting and promoting the country’s first nuclear power project and other nuclear programs. Considering the inadequate indigenous energy resources, Bangladesh government has decided to embark on nuclear power. It is believed that the introduction of nuclear power programs and successful implementation of such project may help attaining energy security in Bangladesh.

Even after due consideration to justifiable safety issues associated with commercial nuclear power reactors operating since 1950s, nuclear energy is being recognized as a reliable, environmentally sustainable and economically viable source of electricity generation.