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Welcome to Institute of Nuclear Power Engineering, BUET

Come and explore the energy hidden within a tiny nucleus!

Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar for October 2023 Semester

Item Start Date End Date
Registration 22-Nov-2023 06-Dec-2023
Late Registration 07-Dec-2023 21-Dec-2023
Add Course(s) 07-Dec-2023 21-Dec-2023
Drop Course(s) 07-Dec-2023 21-Dec-2023
Classes 25-Nov-2023 22-Dec-2023
Midterm Break 23-Dec-2023 06-Jan-2024
Classes 07-Jan-2024 16-Mar-2024
Preparatory Leave 17-Mar-2024 19-Mar-2024
Term Final Exam 20-Mar-2024 03-Apr-2024
Publish Results 24-Apr-2024 08-May-2024


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